Laser Focused Search Engine Optimization Services

Increase your organic conversions, beat your competition and put your name on the map with laser focus SEO practises. 

It’s not magic. It’s not some trick. Search Engine Optimization has been the secret weapon for all the big-name companies you can think of, in some cases bringing in more than 80% of their entire revenue.

There is no other source of traffic higher than search engines, and that is a fact. If you want to survive online, you have to invest in SEO actively.

Over 3.5 billion searches made daily; over 40% of a product search journey starts from Google, and Google Search controls 90% of the overall searches globally. 

With hundreds of millions of pages competing with each other, the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is the most expensive, must lucrative piece of real estate, and I can help get you a prime real estate of that first page.

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t want to waste money on something that it might not work?

Fill the form, get a free SEO audit, and sit down with me for a personal SEO strategy session. If you still feel that way, you will never hear from me again. If you want to take your business to the next level, I will teach you everything you need to do to take it there. 

The Process

Kick-off Meeting

This is the most important part. Getting to know you and your product/service is as important as anything below. Getting to know what you want to achieve and understanding your goals and where you come from will help me create the perfect strategy in order to get you where you want to go.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is the beginning of a great SEO strategy. From crawl issues due to robots.txt and misplaced tags to canonicalization, sitemap optimization, performance optimization and everything in between. 

Keyword Research

With million of pages on the web; “build it and the’ll come” was never more wrong. With no keyword research in play there is no content that could outrank anyone. It’s not suppose to be fast and easy.

Competitor Research

Keep your friends close and your.. competitors closer. Competitors research is not just a list of domains. It’s Business Intelligence report that will explain every possible gap in their strategy and every possible opportunity. 

On-page SEO

With the research phase completed, we have everything we need to make your site a one stop shop destination for users in your niche. Content, titles, descriptions, landing page generation and optimization. 

Link Building

No directories, no automation, no forum posting. This is the whole shebang. Using the research we’ve done initially, finding the most relevant and high authority domains to get a link for your site. Keeping a fully stocked dashboard of influencers and emails to reach out whenever your offer a new service or product. 

Future Proof

Work doesn’t stop when you have a percentage of the pie. Work only stops when you have the whole pie in front of you. Making sure you are always optimized and ready for those sneaky updates.

Need Some Help With Your Next Project?

Reach out with some information for your next project or business and I will come back to you with a detailed plan of how we can make it work.

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