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There’s a hard cold reality around digital marketing that many agencies or “professionals” don’t want you to know. Whatever the size of your business and whatever your experience is with the industry, you can do all of it by yourself.

I am not saying that you should, but you could if you ever decided to give it a go. All digital marketing practices, from PPC to SEO and from Email Marketing to Social Media Marketing are something that anyone with enough time in their hands and the will to try can master (and if I want to be entirely honest) in a very short amount of time.

Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed 100% of the time and hiring a professional some times is the right move to do for a number of reasons and not only because you can expect them to be 100% successful themselves. From experience, hiring a professional or an agency can help

  • Reducing the workload and effort from your part. Building your own business from scratch can be extremely difficult and time-consuming and sometimes the right thing to do is hand the work to someone that you trust will take care of some parts for you.
  • And secondly (and some times more importantly) if you fail doing PPC by yourself you won’t get your money back, but if an agency fails your contract might require them to give you your money back.

Keep in mind that not all digital marketing practices are required for all businesses. So knowing which channels you have to focus on is also important in order to not waste money. If you’ve done your research right you’ll know where your audience is and you will reach out to them using their preferred means. That could be a specific social media platform such as Reddit or podcast advertising if your audience tend to listen to them.

But enough with that. Let’s jump straight into the digital marketing channels Fourth P can help you with.

search engine optimization

Almost no matter your business, service or product if you have a website your first goal is to help people find it throughout countless search results. Unfortunately due to the vast jumps of technology, human attention span, and tolerance has changed from “I will research as long as it takes to find the right product” to “The first option is all I will look into”.

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization or else SEO is the art of making a website more compatible with search engines while accommodating the user needs in order for appearing higher in Search Result Pages.

Even though this sounds impossible to be done, there are certain steps that a webmaster (or a site owner) can take to make this happen, and they are as simple as, making sure that the page has a title or that the content matches user’s intent, the photos used are optimized for web and that there are no broken links that will dissatisfy engines and users when encountered.

Obviously there are hundreds of ranking factors that are some times, different from engine to engine, but there is a lot that could be almost used as a checklist every time you create a new page or post a new article. Also, depending on the industry you are in, there might be a lot of competition or you might be lucky and there might be none. No matter what, SEO is something that you can start doing from day one and it always pays off at the end.

social media marketing

Technology brought people together and with social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, there was never a better time to communicate your service or product to the users that are interested about it and let them engage with you or your product or even let them directly chat, enquire or buy your product.

Now not all social media platforms will be the right fit for you and that might require some research before spending all your time focusing on the wrong one. For example, if your product or services are directed to business professionals, why not reach them directly when they are in a professional mood while using LinkedIn or if you are selling beauty products that are directed to younger people maybe Instagram or Snapchat is the perfect platform for your products.

When it comes to social media keep an open mind. Though you might not use them yourself, it’s a perfect way to get discovered or even create a page full of people interested in your product.

Imagine being able to reach out directly to the people that are looking for your product or service before they even enter a competitor’s or your own website. PPC does just that.

Pay Per Click can help you jumpstart your revenue from day one as long as you have some budget to invest. Even though SEO takes some time to help you rank no1, with PPC you can be up there is a matter of minutes. Imagine giving a dollar and receiving three in return. Well… it might sound hard to believe but if you really put the time down then you’ll realize that it could even be better.

PPC, depending on your product or service, should always be one of the first things you think when you enter the digital world.

Email Marketing has been around for ages and it never really stopped working. It’s a full-proof strategy to gain customers whatever you are selling and if done properly it’s one of the most effective strategies on turning prospects into customers and make one time users into loyal returning customers.

While every other form of digital marketing usually relies on the customer beginning the journey by searching for a product, with email marketing you directly suggest what the user should pick when he is at the comfort of his own home.

What is more important is that people that sign-up to your mailing list, one way or the other, are interested in what you are selling. One example of lead gen landing pages that convert?

Well if you are reading this you are probably already listed in my mailing list along with hundreds of starting businesses.

As previously discussed there are two options for anyone that starts a new business. Work everything out yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Having worked through in plenty of places and have seen first hand what agencies do, I came up with the idea of helping new businesses kick start their marketing journey by consulting entirely free of charge.

So why don’t you reach out and let me help you?

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