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You’ve spend days writing the perfect content for the services you offer or uploaded your amazing, hand-crafted items and wrote a unique description for all of them just to find out that traffic is not picking up. There is little to nothing you can do if your site’s technical SEO is not at a shipshape condition.

The so called “SEO Agencies” or “Digital Marketing” agencies of the world will tell you that everything is working but you need to spend just a little bit more on ad budget to kick things up. You can either spend your days trying to make someone else rich or, entirely free of charge, contact me using the form below and request a free SEO Technical Audit. 

Optimize your website by solving SEO technical issues that will not only help bring in leads but since most of your competition is probably in a monthly retainer, I guarantee that you will have no problem surpassing them and staying on top. 


Wondering why I offer this service for free? Make sure to read my disclaimer and find out for yourself.

Decrease SEO Technical Issues

Figure out what is holding your website back. From performance issues, broken links, infinite spaces or simple robots.txt disallow rules.

Increase Indexability

Increase the likelihood of a page being indexed by resolving technical issues that might affect Google and other search engines from finding, crawling and indexing it.

Increase Conversions

Help engines improve your rankings by solving technical errors that might affect them.


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