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If you are a website developer, business owner, designer, or digital marketer, you probably came across the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization quite a few times. If you landed on this page, you are now looking to learn more about SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization, or else SEO, refers to optimizing a website to rank higher, have greater organic visibility, and produce higher organic results, such as leads, signups, subscriptions, or direct sales. 

I like to think of SEO as making one’s website compatible with a search engine. Keep in mind that SEO is not science. You can’t do the same things on all sites and expect the same results. On the contrary, something that might have worked on one site might produce entirely different results in another. Experimentation and research are some of the most reliable tools you can utilize in the field. 

Search Engines are complicated machines that use complex algorithms to decide which website should get the top spot. 

Here’s another cool thing about SEO. You don’t need a degree to work as an SEO Specialist, and yes, you don’t need one to work on your website’s SEO. 

You can learn SEO by studying from online SEO resources and most notable Google’s own Search Engine Guidelines, which is an excellent resource for SEO beginners along with their explanation of how Google search works. 

An important note is that Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term for several things. Mainly SEO can be broken down into three distinct categories. 

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Site SEO & 
  • Technical SEO
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On-page optimization 

On-page optimization refers to the practice of optimizing on-page elements. Imagine anything that you can easily optimize without swapping a page from your WordPress article, your service landing page, or anything that you can change while adding a product on your Magento or Shopify store. 

Off-site SEO

Off-site optimization mainly refers to the creation and implementation of authority and reputation management for a website. If you’ve read the article on “How Search Works” you understand the power backlinks have and will probably keep on having for the foreseeable future.

Link building is not something that you should manipulate or try to cheat. It can have a powerful effect on your site and not in the right way if you do not follow the guidelines.

Learn the right way to build backlinks for your website

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the practice of optimizing non-content elements of a website. For example, 

From an SEO stand-point of view, technical SEO is one of the highest priorities for any website. No matter the amount of on-page optimization you end up doing, if you don’t allow search engines to crawl your site correctly, you won’t be able to rank well or even get your pages indexed.

If you are learning about SEO and you have a technical background then this might be the perfect vertical to start learning. Technical SEO Specialists are in high demand globally.


I can’t stretch enough the importance of experimentation with SEO. The mentality that you might fail is false, and you need to overcome it if you want to increase your chances of adequately achieving your goals.

SEO is not a “same size fits all,” you need to find what’s working for your site (or your clients) and your site alone.

Reach out if you’d like to know more, or if you’d like some personalized support for a problem that you are facing.

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